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Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England, Bristol. Visual Identity · Web Design · CSS Development · Video Titles · Desktop Screensavers
This online resource is the outcome of research undertaken and 12 projects overseen by the Digital Cultures Research Centre and the Pervasive Media Studio. In their own words "The Pervasive Media Cookbook is a mix of cutting edge practice and ideas… Designed to inform and inspire students and designers with an introduction to the emerging field of pervasive media in which context aware devices deliver 'the right media in the right place at the right time'." Turning this complex academic material into a manageable and engaging digital format was no easy task. The DCRC came to me having already chosen a WordPress theme and the concept of displaying the information as a cookbook, with case studies as recipes. I designed the visual identity with inspiration from mid-century modern interiors and trademark designs. The identity features a retro kitchen theme with simple abstract illustrations combining ingredients, media icons and kitchen equipment. I rolled the identity out across the website (with content development by Jess Linington) and other digital outcomes, later designing a print on demand version.
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