Quite often businesses find it very difficult to choose the right images for their website, social media and other marketing material. This is particularly the case in service-based industries, but there are still many ways to tell your brand story visually. Save
My top 5 tips for choosing images
  1. Keep it real - Use good quality, real images of your work whenever possible.
  2. Avoid clichés - When stock images are the only option available, choose wisely.
  3. Be creative - Try not to be too literal, instead, suggest the experience.
  4. Show people - Use images of yourself and people your audience will identify with.
  5. Always stay true to your brand - Only choose images which fit your core brand values and character.
Practicing what I preach
My core brand values are authenticity, creativity, experience and support. The photo collection at the top of this post shows the box I use to display my print portfolio. It contains some items which identify me and things I love and enjoy using creatively, including printing, drawing, painting, pattern design and book binding. The display is meticulously curated, the flowers and sheepskin background add depth and a tactile quality and the design on the base is a screen print I produced observing a space, including listening to conversations. This image is featured on the about me page of this website. It's a self-portrait (of me and my brand) without actually being a profile picture. It acts as a conversation point and is recognisable when I show my portfolio to studio directors.
Need some inspiration?
Here's a great post by DIYGenius about visual storytelling with 15 examples, specifically for instagram: https://www.diygenius.com/brilliant-examples-of-visual-storytelling-on-instagram/
Visual storytelling is a great tool for providing your audience with a window into your brand. Use it wisely and creatively to build a picture that sparks interest and invites engagement.