I first discovered Nkuku at Top Drawer back in 2014. I was really impressed by their beautifully branded stand and collection of ethically sourced, handmade products. Little did I know that I'd later end up only a stone's throw from their gorgeous lifestyle store and café near Totnes.
The Nkuku Experience
From the minute you enter the beautiful rustic gates and crunchy drive, a visit to Nkuku is a treat for the senses. Every nook and cranny is filled with stunning handmade wares from around the globe and each collection curated perfectly.
Cosy and Chic Café
Prop Gander!
You may recognise some of the props used on my site from the Nkuku collection, click the links to browse their online catalogue.
Extra Large Kiko Glass Frame
29 x 36cm" | £36.95 | Antique Copper
Kavali divider box
8 x 23 x 8cm | £22.95 | Antique Copper
Snail Bookmark
9cm | £7.95 | Brass
Tiny Danta Frame
9cm | £7.95 | Antique Brass